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B&T MBT Stock with Haga Defense aluminum adapter including enhanced buffer for the SCAR. 

WARNING: When the stock is locked in the folded position, lift the stock upward on the hinge to unlock it before unfolding. Failure to do so can result in damage to the hinge. Haga Defense will not accept returns due to damaged hinges. 


  • 8 position length adjustment
  • Length 7.75" - 10.75"
  • Telescoping cheek riser w/ 3 position height adjustment
  • Folds to the right canted downward 3.5 degrees
  • Locks folded
  • Fires folded
  • Multiple QD sling mount options
  • Available in Black or Coyote Tan
  • Weight 15.1 oz

Stock: Made in Switzerland
Adapter: Made in the USA

This is NOT a pistol brace. Attaching a stock to a pistol makes it an SBR and requires NFA approval. You are responsible for knowing and following your local/state/federal laws!

Curious about how B&T's "Coyote Tan" looks compared to your standard "FDE"? See the image below. The "Coyote Tan" MBT stock is shown next to parts colored in "Magpul FDE". As you can see the Coyote Tan is a little lighter than FDE and may not be a perfect match to other FDE components if that's what you're hoping for.