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B&T MBT Stock with Haga Defense aluminum adapter for the LWRC SMG45*.


  • 8 position length adjustment
  • Telescoping cheek riser w/ 3 position height adjustment
  • Folds to the right canted downward 3.5 degrees
  • Locks folded
  • Fires folded
  • Multiple QD sling mount options
  • OAL 23-26"
  • LOP 11"+/-
  • Weight: 14.6oz

Fit Issues: If you are having fit issues, the rear takedown lug may be to blame. This is the part on the receiver that the rear takedown pin passes through. Loosening the 4 torx head screws that secure it may allow the part to move enough to correct the issue. Once proper fit is achieved retighten the 4 torx head screws. 

WARNING: When the stock is locked in the folded position, lift the stock upward on the hinge to unlock it before unfolding. Failure to do so can result in damage to the hinge. Haga Defense will not accept returns due to damaged hinges. 

Stock: Made in Switzerland
Adapter: Made in the USA

This is NOT a pistol brace. Attaching a stock to a pistol makes it an SBR and requires NFA approval. You are responsible for knowing and following your local/state/federal laws!