Haga Defense is now offering 3D Scanning as a service to the firearms community. If you need a part scanned as part of your design/reverse engineering process we can help. Haga Defense uses the latest in structured light projection scanning technology with the EinScan Pro HD.



  • Best suited for objects 3cm and larger
  • Accuracy as good as .04mm (can vary based on material, complexity, etc.)
  • Can scan in color
  • Dark or shiny objects may need to be prepped with Vanishing 3D Scan Spray (LINK)
  • Does not scan deep cavities or holes
  • Deliverable is a mesh (stl, ply. obj, etc)

NOTICE: Haga Defense DOES NOT have a FFL and cannot accept complete firearms or registered receivers/parts for scanning. There is a chance we already have the part or firearm you need scanned in house so feel free to ask about your project and maybe we can still help.



The mesh file deliverable can be imported into most popular CAD packages for either automatic feature fitting or traditional reverse engineering/3D modeling.


While most firearms related parts are either all black or will need to be sprayed white for scanning there is really no value to adding color but should you have a project that requires it we can certainly scan in color. The sample below shows the scanned mesh of a helmet half raw and half with color applied.


Below you will find some sample data from objects scanned by Haga Defense with the EinScan Pro HD. These are good samples of what you can expect if having an object scanned.



If you're interested in having a part scanned please reach out via the CONTACT US page for more info.