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Lower receiver for the Grand Power Stribog, designed to use the popular and well established AR fire control group and grips. These AR features bring almost limitless possibilities to your Stribog platform, allowing the user to customize the Stribog to suit their individual tastes and shooting preferences.

Additionally, this receiver uses the popular CZ Scorpion magazine instead of the OE Stribog magazine. The improved magwell angle and curved magazine has an inherent advantage over straight mags and has been proven to provide more consistent feeding, as well as better tolerance to various brands/types of ammo. 
NOTE: Not recommended for use with aftermarket buffer kits or short-stroke kits
NOTE: Single-stage triggers only. 2-stage triggers will not reset properly in the Stribog
-Bare lower receivers ship complete with new 304 stainless steel Bolt-release lever, A3 Tactical TRI-Lever polymer mag release pre-installed, new ILWT HK-style takedown pins, new 1/4" grip screw, and selector detent with spring. Receiver is manufactured from injection molded Zytel polymer with 30% glass reinforcement.