Bren 2 Lower Receiver

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Aluminum lower receiver for the CZ Bren 2 that accepts *AR15 triggers, grips, mag releases and selector switches. Will NOT work with all AR triggers. Hammer width must be .25" or wider to dissengadge the Bren 2's firing pin safety. See "Installation Instructions" link below for more info.  


  • Will work with both the 762 and 556 versions. 762 requires the use of AR15 762 (x39) magazines
  • Built-in ambidextrous slide release controls 
  • Flared magwell
  • 7075 Aluminum
  • Hardcoat anodized
  • Weight with included parts: 12.9 oz

Factory CZ Parts Included:

  • 3710043101: SLIDE RELEASE
  • 3710058001: SLIDE STOP SPRING PIN
  • 3710084001: SLIDE STOP SPRING
  • 3710075001: DISASSEMBLY PIN

Parts you will need to aquire sepparately:

  • AR15 Grip
  • AR15 Trigger
  • AR15 Safety Selector
  • AR15 Magazine Catch/Release

The Bren 2 lower is not a serialized part and does not require transfer through an FFL holder.

*AR15 Parts Compatibility: See Installation Instructions for more information.

INSTALLING AMBIDEXTROUS BOLT RELEASE: If purchasing the "Stripped Lower" option the ambi bolt release will come loosely assembled in the gun. The left button will slide rearward allowing the assembly to be removed. When reassembling the button(s) you will need to use the included spring and detent to lock the button in place. Drop in the small spring first then insert the detend until flush. While holding the detent flush slide the button into place until you hear a click. Be careful with this step as it is easy to launch that detent into space. Or your eye..

Fit Issues:
In some situations different stock/brace endcaps may allow the lower to rock back and forth a little or "wiggle". An easy fix for this is to add some thickness to the metal tab where shown below. A small rectangular piece of electrical tape cut to fit this space usually works perfectly.