Vickers 221 Sling

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Blue Force Gear Vickers Padded 221 Sling - Push Button Swivels - Black

The Vickers 221 Sling is a one/two point sling, easily and rapidly configurable to suit the needs of any given situation. The 221 features a Polymer Burnsed Socket, slid onto the sling, that works with a RED Swivel, or any other QD, to rapidly transition from one to two point configurations. The Blue Force Gear Rapid Emergency Detachment Swivel allows the release of the mount without the need for fine motor skills. Accidental release is minimized by the need to pull the required 7 lbs of force nearly straight out.

NOTE: For weapons which have a rear eyelet rather than a QD socket, the Universal Wire Loop with Push Button Socket (sold separately) will be required for use of this sling.


  • One and two-point configurations
  • 1.25” CORDURA webbing
  • 2” webbing with closed cell foam in the padded area
  • Polymer Burnsed Socket
  • Push button swivels
  • Berry compliant
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Blue Force Gear is not satisfied with making the same thing as everyone else, merely changing the color or style. They design by a code of advancement; if they can't make something better than currently available, they don't make it. By continually innovating, their products will always be different.