CMR30 Butt-Pad

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Enhanced buttpad for the kel-Tec CMR30.

New for GEN 2: The CMR30 buttpad has been completely redesigned around an A3 Tactical rubber insert allowing for a less bulky and more streamlined look. Also new to the design is an incorporated sling loop and a steel QD sling mounting point. 

This part is manufactured from Nylon using a process called Multi Jet Fusion or MJF. The parts are then sandblasted, dyed and shotpeened for a strength and finish that is comparable to injection molded nylon. The part is black throughout.

Can be installed with the factory pin or included spring pin. The included pin is a pretty tight fit so be careful when installing if you choose to use it. 

Pairs great with the Haga Defense Cheek rest: CHEEK REST