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The Aim Sports Modern Sporting Rifle AR Grip includes a removable fin and backstrap. Complete with steel AR grip screw, washer and roll pin for permanent attachment. Made of glass reinforced high composite polymer and a modern ergonomic design. This product has not been approved for legal compliance by any state or local firearms regulatory authority. please consult with a competent firearms attorney before attempting to make your rifle compliant with state or local assault weapons ban laws.

•  Designed specifically for California featureless AR rifle configuration
•  Removable Backstrap / Backfin and with roll pin for permanent application
•  Steep angled design with care attention to ergonomics
•  High density, durable, lightweight polymer construction with subtle texturing on the sides, with front and back serrations
•  Molded shelf to fill space between fingers and trigger guard
•  Increased comfort for web of hand
•  Hollow interior uses short AR grip screw