Ambidextrous Folding Stock Adapter for GEN 2.1 Upper

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The KRISS Vector Ambidextrous Folding Stock Adapter for Gen 2.1 (GEN II 2017) is constructed of hard coat anodized aluminum and steel and allows for an AR-15 type buffer or pistol arm brace tube to fold to the side. The adaptor can be configured to fold to either the left or right side with only a few tools in a matter of moments.

One end of the adapter attaches directly into the Gen 2.1 Vector's upper housing. The other end features threading that will accept an AR buffer tube or pistol tube.

Includes one socket head screw for attaching the adapter to the upper and one set screw which will line up with the notch in the threading on your AR buffer/pistol tube.

Installation & Configuration Instructions

This product is only compatible with the current KRISS Vector Gen 2.1 (Gen 2-2017). Your upper housing must look like the example below.

This stock adapter will not work with the proprietary integrated hinge mount found on the Gen 1 and early Gen 2 Vector uppers.