Urban Atrophy

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A look into a side interest of Dan Haga, the owner-operator of Haga Defense. This coffee table style book is a photographic display of Dan's explorations into the abandoned and off-limits places that surround us.

Title: Urban Atrophy
Author: Dan Haga
Pages: 184
ISBN-10: 0764337386

Description: Take an adventure into the abandoned structures of the American mid-Atlantic region through 560 startling photos and compelling text. These surreal images were captured in abandoned power plants, mental asylums, military bases, prisons, hospitals, schools, and cathedrals. Explore St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Washington, D.C.; Baltimore's Westport Power Plant and American Brewery; St. Mary's College in Ilchester, Maryland; Pittsburgh's Saints Peter and Paul Church; the Maryland Point Observatory military installation; Lorton Prison in Virginia; and the Enchanted Forest amusement park in Ellicott City, Maryland. Anyone who has ever wondered what happens to buildings when an organization closes its doors and turns out the lights for the last time will be fascinated by these images. Exploring these forgotten locations, according to the author, is like ‘‘being in another world, a surreal dream where people just disappeared and left everything behind.

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