MP5/MP5K Flared Magwell

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Flared Magwell from Haga Defense greatly improves the speed and process of mag changes with the MP5/MP5K and clones.

This is the Gen. 2 model which includes the following improvements:

  • Reduced the sharpness of edges for user comfort
  • Enlarged magwell's internal opening to improve magazine lock up
  • Removed some material to allow the magazine release more room to travel

Machined from 7075 aluminum and anodized black.
Weight: .6oz

MAGAZINE COMPATIBILITY: Works great with factory steel magazines. 3rd party magazines may fit tighter or not at all. 

FIREARM COMPATABILITY: These were designed around the HK SP5 and SP5K and fit both. They have not been tested on other variants and clones. Fitting may be required.

NOTICE: Works with factory mag releases but may not work with aftermarket parts.

NOTICE: May scratch or mark up the finish around the factory magwell.

1. Loosen the 3 screws on the new magwell with the included 1.5mm hex wrench until the two
halves have separated enough for the part to fit over the factory magwell.
2. When fitting the part make sure the top of the new magwell fits tight against the bottom of
your factory magwell. There should be no gap.
3. With the new magwell in place carefully tighten the three screws until there is no gap
between the two halves or between the part and the gun.

1. Rubber heat shrink tubing has been used on the attachment points of the magwell to help
protect the finish on the gun and to provide some fitting options that may be required for
other variants and clones. The tubing can be further heated/shrunk for tighter fits or even
removed altogether if your particular installation requires it. Installing without the heat
shrink tubing may cause damage to the finish on your gun.