KS7 Minimalist Top Rail

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The Haga Defense Top Rail for the KS7 replaces the entire Keltec "carry handle/sighting solution" assembly with a more clean looking/compact option for mounting the sights or optic of your choice. 

Top Rail assembly consists of an aluminum 11-slot rail on a nylon frame that mounts to existing mounting points using included hardware.

Weight: 2.4 oz

Installation: Use the supplied 2.5mm hex wrench to remove the two factory carry handle screws. These have thread locker on them from the factory so BE VERY CAREFUL when removing them as you could easily strip out the heads if using the wrong tools or using too much force. Holding the tip of a soldering iron on the head of the screws to heat them up may help to loosen up the thread locker. Once the factory carry handle has been removed you can install the new rail with the included screw. I recommend tightening to about 15 in-lb.