HDZ Stock for B&T APC Rifle

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Out of stock

Out of Stock

LIMIT ONE - In an effort to help get these into the hands of all of those who have been waiting I am limiting these to one per customer until further notice. Attempts to make additional orders will be refunded.

The HDZ Stock was created by Haga Defense in response to the discontinuation of the Magpul ACR stock. We wanted to create a replacement option that closely resembled the look, feel and function of the original ACR stock right down to its Magpul roots. 

The core of the HDZ setup is the tried-and-true Magpul Zhukov stock. While originally designed for the AK/AKM platform the Zhukov stock has been retrofitted with a custom hinge and top cover that will allow it to flow seamlessly with your firearm and look/function as if it were a factory option. 

What's Included:

  • Magpul Zhukov Stock 
    • 5 position adjustable length
    • Folds and locks folded to right side
    • Angled rubber buttpad
    • Bottom - 1.25" sling loop
  • Haga Defense Top Cover
    • 2 piece nylon construction snaps onto the Zhukov stock
    • 3 position adjustable cheek riser (1/4” intervals)
  • Haga Defense Adapter/Hinge
    • 6061 machined aluminum
    • Hardcoat anodized black
    • Built-in bottom QD socket

Optional Parts

Specifications for B&T APC

  • Specifically designed for APC rifle caliber firearms but will also fit APC pistol caliber firearms if using the included recoil spring spacer. 
    • Because of differences between the rifle and pistol caliber lower receivers there will be a small gap and step between the lower receiver and the aluminum stock adapter/hinge on pistol caliber firearms. The gap/step is purely cosmetic and will not affect the fit.
  • Hydraulic buffer is not included. You will need to transfer the buffer from your factory stock to this one. The buffer is held in place by a roll pin running side to side that can be removed with a ⅛” punch. Reuse the same roll pin to install the buffer in the new stock. 
  • Weight without buffer: 1lb 2.7oz
  • Length from rear of upper receiver: Adjustable 9” - 11.6”
  • Should fire while folded (has not been confirmed with all calibers)

Cheek Riser Adjustment:

To adjust cheek riser remove set screws (6) with included or other 1/16” hex wrench/tool, move riser to desired position being sure to align cheek riser holes with corresponding holes in the top cover then reinstall set screws. DO NOT tighten set screws until they stop! They only need to be tightened until the top of the screw is flush with the outer surface of the cheek riser. Failure to do so could result in damage to the stock, top cover and cheek riser.

Use as a Pistol Brace:

The HDZ Stock can also be configured as a pistol brace by using the Gear Head Works Tailhook MOD1/MOD1C pistol braces with the Haga Defense Tailhook Adapter for Zhukov Stocks (NOT INCLUDED)

Differences when installed on a rifle caliber APC vs a pistol caliber APC.