ACR Discontinued

The Magpul ACR stock has been discontinued and will no longer be manufactured. This includes the Bushmaster and Kinetic Development Group (KDG) stocks as they're all the same.

This of course has a major impact on Haga Defense, a business that was built around putting ACR stocks on all of your favorite firearms.


If you are waiting on ACR stocks or adapters:

  • More ACR stock adapters are incoming for the Bren 2, Bren 805, Scorpion, Stribog, MP5.22, 1913 rails, HK G3 and maybe the APC.
  • Haga Defense has a significant inventory of black ACR stocks remaining. These stocks will be made available in waves as the ACR stock adapters become available.
  • Haga Defense cannot guarantee anyone a stock or adapter. Get on the email notification lists and act fast when you get that email otherwise you could miss out on the last of these products.

It is sad to see this iconic stock go away but you can rest assured that Haga Defense is hard at work coming up with a proper replacement. Announcement for an all new product coming soon.

Other Info:

  • As far as I have been told the reason Magpul discontinued production of the stock is because the molds had worn out. This was becoming more evident in the latest shipments of stocks as they were becoming tighter and tighter with some being almost impossible to adjust the Length of Pull.
  • Bushmaster is said to be redesigning and re-releasing the "ACR" rifle. I have no info on the redesign or what stock/hinge it may use.
  • There are still a good bit of "Coyote Brown" ACR stocks available from various sources such as Midwest Gun Works. These stocks take RIT "DyeMore" Graphite dye very well. The stock below on the left is a brown stock dyed black which as you can see perfectly matches the black stock on the left. The dye will not wipe off or wear easily when properly applied. Keep this in mind as eventually I imagine only brown stock will be available.