Vector MK5M M-Lok Hand Guard

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The KRISS Vector MK5M Modular Rail is the updated version of the original OEM hand guard for the 6.5" barrel Vector SDP Enhanced and Vector SBR Enhanced. It is made from hard anodized aluminum alloy. The hand guard is 5" long and features a full length 12 slot bottom rail and M-Lok slots at every other 45° position.

The MK5M M-Lok Hand Guard mounts directly to the receiver of your KRISS Vector, and comes with two short M-Lok rail sections. Installation requires the removal of the Picatinny rail on the bottom of the Vector receiver. It is not capable of being installed without removing the receiver's bottom Picatinny rail.

Overall Length 5" / 127mm
Overall Width 1.93" / 49mm
Internal Diameter 1.72" / 43.7mm
Weight 5.2oz / 147.4g

Please Note: The MK5M M-Lok Hand Guard is designed specifically for the 6.5" barrel Vector Models. We do not recommend installation on a 5.5" barrel as the barrel will terminate within the hand guard. The MLOK MK5M handguard is included with Vector SDP Enhanced and Vector SBR Enhanced models manufactured after June 2021.