Tailhook Adapter for ACR™ stock

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This adapter will allow you to mount a tailhook pistol brace on a Bushmaster/Magpul ACR™. 

There are now two variants available so be sure to select the correct one before ordering.

ORIGINAL: The original design allows for continued use of the ACR™ 7 point adjustability via the side push buttons (not included). Installation: Button locks, springs, pins and stop screw are to be reused/transferred from a factory ACR™ stock (not included). This process requires punches, a hammer and some patience. The installation can be quite difficult for most. See below for a How-to video. Adjustable Length of pull limiter included.


FALSE BUTTON VARIANT: A solution in an effort to adapt to changes being made to the ACR stock that make an already difficult install even harder. I have created an ACR tailhook adapter with the same great look as the original but with false buttons. While the buttons are false the part still maintains 7-position adjustability via setscrew and insert. Sure it's not as easy to adjust but the ease of installation makes it worth it. Switching back to your buttstock after your tax stamp comes in will also be painless. Another plus is this allows you to lock in your L.O.P. (length of pull) at or under 13.5" eliminating worries of accidentally overextending.

Both variants are manufactured from Nylon using a process called Multi Jet Fusion or MJF. The parts are then sandblasted, dyed and shotpeened for a strength and finish that is comparable to injection molded nylon. The part is black throughout.

*ACR™ stock and Tailhook brace NOT included. Both can be purchased separately from our Stocks and Braces page.

DISCLAIMERS: Customer is responsible for being aware of local, state, and federal laws regarding the use of this product. Customer is also responsible for maintining a Length of Pull (distance from the front of the trigger to the back of the brace) of less than 13.5" as currently required by the ATF.

This adapter is neither manufactured nor endorsed by Magpul Industries Corp. Dan Haga Designs is not affiliated with Magpul Industries Corp.