Scorpion ACR™ Adapter (Aluminum)

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Out of stock

Out of Stock

LIMIT ONE - In an effort to help get these into the hands of all of those who have been waiting I am limiting these to one per customer until further notice. Attempts to make additional orders will be refunded.

Adpatper for mounting the Magpul ACR™ stock on your CZ Scorpion.

This adapter will allow full use/function of an ACR™ stock or ACR™ Tailhook brace. The ACR™ stock or ACR™ Tailhook brace will be able to fold and lock while folded. Shell ejection will be un interupted while folded.

Machined from 6061 aluminum and hardcoat anodized black (Mil-A-8625 Type III Class 2).

Installation: You will need a 3/16" roll pin punch and a hammer to remove the ACR™ stock's factory adapter and replace it with this one. Once swapped the assembly can be installed on your Scorpion the same way the factory stock is installed/removed.

*Magpul ACR™ stock not included but can be purchased separately from our Stocks and Braces page.

NOTICE: There is a chance some parts may have a slight wobble where they fit to the gun. After test fitting hundreds of adapters on my scorpion the plastic is really starting to wear down. At this point I don't know if the wobble is in the parts or a result of the wear on my gun. Either way you can solve any wobble in scorpion stocks by applying a layer or two of tape to your receiver as pictured below.