Scorpion ACR™ Adapter (Aluminum)

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NEW! Gen 3 ACR adapters for the Scorpion now include an interface to mount the factory ACR sling bracket should you choose to use it (bracket not included unless you order the ACR stock assembly from Haga Defense as well. Otherwise it can be transferred from your old ACR Stock hinge). Other improvements include revised hinge geometry for easier operation when folding and locking closed.

Adpatper for mounting the Magpul ACR™ stock on your CZ Scorpion.

This adapter will allow full use/function of an ACR™ stock or ACR™ Tailhook brace. The ACR™ stock or ACR™ Tailhook brace will be able to fold and lock while folded. Shell ejection will be un interupted while folded.

Machined from 6061 aluminum and hardcoat anodized black (Mil-A-8625 Type III Class 2).

Installation: You will need a 3/16" roll pin punch and a hammer to remove the ACR™ stock's factory adapter and replace it with this one. Once swapped the assembly can be installed on your Scorpion the same way the factory stock is installed/removed.

Scorpion Adapter Fit:

I have found that there may be some slight variation in fit from Scorpion to Scorpion. No matter what the reason there are some pretty simple fixes for a slightly tight or loose fit.

If you have a slight wobble it can be easily solved by placing a small piece of electrical tape as shown in the image below. This will make it nice and tight.

If your adapter is very tight going on you could try placing some oil or grease on the back flat surface of the gun as shown below. It's also not uncommon to need a mallet tap or two to go the last 1/8" or so.

If neither of these work, contact us for further support.