Lage Rifle Stocks

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This lightweight durable stock is designed for use with all Lage stock adapters and folding mechanisms. Additionally, it is compatible with any ACE Rifle Stock patterned folding stock mechanism and stock adapters with two #10-32 mounting screw holes spaced 5/8" (.625") apart. 

This buttstock features a sling mount on the top rear of the buttstock. Manufactured from glass reinforced nylon. 
Available lengths:
  • 6.5" - 6.4oz
  • 7.5" - 7oz
  • 8.5" - 7.6oz
Mounting Screws included. Made in the U.S.A.
Mounts and folding hinges are not included but can be purchased separately from the Stocks and Braces page.  
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DISCLAIMER: Stocks are not to be used on pistols. Customer is responsible for being aware of local, state, and federal laws regarding the use of this product.