Bren 2 Multi-Use Adapter

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The Bren 2 Picatinny Mounting Block from Manticore Arms allows for mounting of sidefolder stocks, arm braces, on the Bren 2 and Bren 2 MS rifles and pistols. The block is designed to work with the standard SB Tactical sidefolding arm braces, and will also work with B&T/UMP sidefolder stocks if the hinge pin hole is drilled out to 3/16" (0.188"). Other stocks and arm braces may work if set up with a similar hinge pin and button dimensions.

The block is pre-assembled and is easily installed by simply pulling the front pin on the lower, tilting out and removing, then removing the existing mounting block, and sliding the Bren 2 Picatinny Mounting Block upwards and into place where it will secure itself with a "click" (make sure the recoil spring assembly is all the way in the gun before pressing upwards on the block). Removal is just as simple, pull back a small spring loaded lever on the underside, slide the block down and it will come right off. The spring loaded locking piece keeps it snugly on the the gun with no movement, and makes installation and removal extremely easy with no tools.

To install a stock or arm brace, drill out the hinge pin hole to 3/16" (0.188"). SB Tactical arm braces usually will be a bit snug but should with the hole in them being approximately 0.180". It is recommended to put a bit of white lithium grease on the included 2" long partially threaded 10-32 socket head screw. Lock the stock or arm brace into position as though deployed, and align the hinge pin hole, then turn the screw down through the hole until the head is completely set in its pocket. If the stock is too snug to fold, back off the screw 1/4 to 1/2 turn, and if it is a little loose, give it another 1/4 to 1/2 turn. The preferred friction lock in the folded position can be adjusted this way.

NOTE: Due to the length of the receiver length and trigger location on the Bren 2 the SB Tactical SBT arm brace will have a 14.0" length of pull when deployed. As of this time (12/02/2020) ATF has not officially or publicly published any guidelines on allowable length of pull for deployed arm braces. Manticore Arms cannot provide legal advice on the assembly or use of products.

Material: 6061 aluminum

Finish: Type III milspec black anodizing

Weight: 6.0 ounces

Length: N/A

100% designed and manufactured in the USA