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ACR Stock Adapter for HK91/G3 style firearms. Fits any firearm that uses the same style endcap as shown below such as the HK91, G3, PTR91, PTR-PDW, HK 93,33, 53 ,etc.  


  • Machined in the USA from 6061 aluminum and hardcoat anodized black.
  • Includes mounting hardware and Choate rubber buffer.
  • Length Of Pull (LOP): 13.25"-16.25"
  • Adapter weight: 2.1oz
  • Complete Stock assembly weight minus factory endcap: 1lb 1.4oz
  • Will fire while folded

Factory Iron Sights: Because of the height of the ACR stock/brace you will likely not be able to use your factory low profile iron sights. Works great with optics using low, 1/3 co-witness or absolute co-witness AR15 style mounts. When using a low mount some might find the top of the front sight a distraction within your sight picture. Use 1/3 or absolute co-witness to help avoid this.

INSTALLATION: Installs as shown on the diagram below with included hardware and Choate rubber buffer. The metal factory buffer or other aftermarket buffers cannot be used. Loctite recommended on adapter screws.